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Software-Driven Security


Ubeenet®  security platform decouples security functions from the underlying physical infrastructure and embeds them directly into the hypervisor, distributing them across the data center. This fundamental shift in how security is delivered overcomes the shortcomings of legacy architectures. It allows intelligent security policies to travel with virtual workloads, independent of the physical network topology.



Policy-based security automation and microsegmentation


Traditional datacenter security policies focused on perimeter firewalls, but had few controls within the datacenter for east-west traffic.


Microsegmentation provides security controls between individual workloads, as well as between applications, tenants and virtual networks. This level of granularity and sophistication can only be implemented within a large cloud environment with the help of SDN policy-based automation


Don’t Go it alone

Ubeenet® has created an expansive partner ecosystem of technology vendors, solutions integrations to help your organization tackle the most complex security challenges


Use Cases for Software-Driven Security



NSX makes network micro-segmentation feasible for the first time. It enables granular firewalling and security policy enforcement for every workload in the data center, independent of the network topology and complexity.

Most people are familiar with the concept of network segmentation; the act of splitting a network into smaller segments that can be secured individually. The concept of micro-segmentation takes this to a much more granular level; the individual workload. Micro-segmentation refers to the definition and enforcement of security policies on each individual workload in the environment. A micro-segmented network limits the connections a workload has to other workloads in order to promote a zero-trust architectural model. This limits the amount of east-west traffic (traffic between workloads) within the data center and therefore limits the avenues an attacker can take to explore the environment and sniff out information to steal.


dmz anywhere

NSX enables security and advanced services to be dynamically assigned to workloads independent of the underlying physical network. This dramatically improves time to response, overall security posture, and third-party integration.


secure end-user

Micro-segmentation allows NSX to give each desktop its own perimeter defense and per-App VPN access from mobile devices, eliminating unauthorized access between adjacent workloads.